In this post, we’ll introduce a selection of banking services you may want to consider, both for yourself and your business(es). Diversifying in which bank and country your assets are held, is an essential, but often overlooked, part of the whole diversification game.

In addition to all local and national banks in your country, consider these options:

When it comes to spending your cryptocurrencies, Wirex and their MasterCard is a great solution.

You can deposit normal currencies (USD, EUR, etc.) into the account, as well as a selection of cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). You can also convert between the various currencies and cryptocurrencies within the app.

When you want to spend some of your wealth, simply use your card when you’re shopping. Opening an account Wirex is free.

If you currently have all of your bank accounts within the same bank, or even within the same country in which you live, it may be a wise decision to open one or more accounts abroad, both for you and for your business(es).

N26 is a German online bank, open to all. You can open a free account with N26 right away and you’ll even be rewarded with a €5 welcome gift for doing so (by clicking here).

Wise is a London-based online money transfer service and is a great choice if you have overseas operations, suppliers or customers.

With Wise, you and your business(es) can send money abroad at the lowest possible cost.

Revolut is a British financial technology company and offers another great alternative for overseas banking.

At Revolut, you can have personal and business accounts, and you can choose to keep your savings in various fiat currencies or a selection of the larger cryptocurrencies. So, you can earn, save, invest and spend from the same app.

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