The Service (registration, costs etc)

The Service

Through our platform, we can remotely manage your cryptocurrency investments. As long as you open an account on one (or more) of the cryptocurrency exchanges we support, and sign up for our service, we will manage the cryptocurrency investments for you for as long as you wish.

IMPORTANT: We can buy and sell on the relevant cryptocurrency exchange, but only you can withdraw money from your account.


Signing up is very easy. You send us a mail (, asking to be signed up for our service. In the same mail, you tell us which exchange you have opened your account on, as well as how much money or cryptocurrency you have in this account.

We will then answer you, with a recipe on how you can be connected to our remote control platform.

As soon as the connection is complete, we will start managing your cryptocurrency investments. We can’t guarantee that you’ll make money from our solution, but we invest your money in the same cryptocurrencies that we invest in ourselves.

Minimum deposit

The minimum deposit on accounts to be linked to the solution, is 100 € or equivalent in other currencies/cryptocurrencies.


There are neither any startup costs to connect to our solution, nor any fixed costs for staying connected.

The only cost you have, is 10% of your monthly profit.

If, for example, the value of your portfolio increased from 200 € to 300 € in the first month, the value increase was 100 €. Your cost for this month would then be 10% of these 100€, i.e. 10€. After payment of our fee, you would then have 290 € in your account.

If, for example, the value of your portfolio over the next month fell from 290 € to 250 €, you had no profit. Thus, you also had no costs this month.

If, for example, the value of your portfolio in the third month rose from 250 € to 400 €, you had a profit of 150 € this month. Your cost for this month would then be 15 € (10% of 150 €). After payment of our fee, you would then have 385 € in your account.

How do I pay the monthly cost?

After each month, you will receive an mail from CryptoInvest, where we will tell you what your cost was for the month that passed.

Prior to the email, we’ve exchanged some of your values for USDT, so you can easily pay for the service. USDT is one of those cryptocurrencies that does not change in value. This is thus well suited for payment.

In the mail we explain how you can transfer the right number of USDT from your wallet and to our wallet.

The monthly cost is calculated on the normal last day of each month. If you were affiliated with the solution on the 20th of a month, the first monthly payment will be calculated at the end of the month – then at the end of each month.

If you need help with the transfer, please contact us.


If you want to withdraw money, you can do so directly from your cryptocurrency exchange. You can also choose to transfer to Wirex, for example, so you can use the money when you’re out shopping.


You can unsubscribe from our service at any time. We will then calculate the cost of the last month, the day you unsubscribe.

It is very easy to unsubscribe. You simply remove the link between your cryptocurrency account and our solution.

If you are unsure how to proceed, just contact us for help.

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